Atuhaire Rymon with some of the goats we are rearing in Matiri, Kyenjojo district.

Rymon consultancy, Kabale with support from Look and listen multimedia, England. Rymon consultancy is an information technology consultancy firm founded by Atuhaire Rymon with support from Look and listen multimedia, England. Located in Kabale town, Kabale district, Southwestern Uganda. We offer a wide range of computer services. These services include the following;
I train people touch-typing which very vital in our day-to-day live. You must know how to type not looking at the keyboard efficiently. This will help you to type very fast.
I also create and host websites for both individuals and businesses. Having a web site could help you to increase sales and your business come to be known worldwide. I also teach those who want to study how to create a website. Important for every one to have a website.
I also teach Microsoft Outlook which is also vital in our day-to-lives. You can synchronise your email, Contacts and Events anywhere on your devices. You can also include note to ever contact you create with outlook. Also important for those with many contacts which cannot be saved on one or two sim cards.

We also train the essentials of phonetic alphabet which is widely used in writing addresses in order to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

I also look forward to Opening a Video library in Kabale town very soon. Rymon consultancy video library. This will be bringing to you all latest movies and old movies too. Also we shall be burning music on CDs,  DVDs. Loading music on Flash disks, memory cards and laptops
You can reach Look And Listen Multimedia on their website.